What Causes Silverfish and How can I Prevent them?

The first thing you should know here is that silverfish are not harmful to humans but they can become a real pest if they’re not dealt with the minute you find them in your house or office building. These wingless insects like to hide in dark places that are moist so are often found under kitchen sinks or baths; in fact, they will hide just about anywhere that is damp and dark. Below is a list of what can cause silverfish bugs and how you can prevent them.


Like any animal, silverfish need to eat and drink in order to stay alive so if you have food lying around the house or leave areas such as your bathroom damp, you are at risk of allowing silverfish to enter your home. The one thing you can do is make sure that you don’t create an environment in which silverfish will thrive. When you have finished using your bathroom, ensure you open a window or make use of the extractor fan to reduce the dampness and mop up any spilt water. Also, do not leave food out and keep surfaces in your kitchen free from bits of food.


You should know that silverfish bugs will thrive in temperatures that are between 70 and 80 degrees F; if your home is dark and regularly at this sort of temperature, silverfish will live and breed in the house. When possible, make sure that you keep the temperature of your house below 70 degrees F and this will help in silverfish elimination.

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We all know the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and this phrase very true when you are attempting to keep your house free of silverfish bugs. By now you know that food, water and temperature are all elements that can cause silverfish to come marching into your house. Keep your house as damp free and clean as possible; this will help to ensure you don’t suffer a silverfish infestation.


Believe it or not, you could be the reason that silverfish enter your home; these insects are quite small and very easy to miss. If you happen to be carrying a book around with you, this could be one way in which silverfish will get into the house (they love to eat paper)! Check any paper items you are carrying before going to into your house in order to make certain that they do not contain any silverfish. This is true of ANYTHING that is made of paper, cardboard boxes, paper bags, newspapers and so on.

This is some information on what causes silverfish and how to get rid of silverfish; I hope it has been useful to you and wish you a happy silverfish free home!

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